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Five Simple Holiday Nail Polish Ideas

The social calendar is planned and the outfits are already picked out. The only thing left is to figure out something festive to do with those fingernails. There is nothing wrong with wearing traditional nail colors during the holidays, but every once in a while it’s good to be creative. Want to kick that manicure up a notch? Do it with these holiday nail polish ideas.


Crushed Peppermint Candy Tips

The day before the holidays, take some peppermints and crush them up. Paint the nails the color of your choice. Red or midnight green works well with this idea. Coat the tips of the nails with clear polish and sprinkle the crushed peppermints on them. Cover the candy tips with a clear coat of nail polish. This will provide a protective barrier to keep the candy from melting or getting sticky.

Glittery Topcoat

Adding a glittery topcoat to a solid nail color can enhance its beauty and give the nails a festive feel. To achieve this look simply paint the nails with a favorite holiday nail color and let it dry. Once the color is dry, add a coat of clear glittery polish over the top of the nails. The picture above uses Essie Plumberry and A Cut Above Top Coat.

Rhinestone Tips

Add a shimmery twist to the traditional French manicure by using rhinestones on nail tips instead of white polish. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. Try using red, green or gold rhinestones in combination with the clear ones to add a splash of holiday color.

Candy Cane Stripes

Wearing fingernails painted like candy canes is the perfect way to let everyone know the holidays are here. To achieve this look, paint the nails with white nail color. After the white polish dries, use red polish and a thin tipped brush to paint candy cane stripes on each fingernail. Covering this design with a coat of glittery nail polish will add to the festive feel.

Holiday Pictures

What better way to bring fingernails to life than by painting pictures of such things as pumpkins, snowflakes, mistletoe and peppermints on them? Painting pictures on fingernails can be hard to do. Those wanting holiday designs on the nails may need to enlist the help of a skilled nail technician.

This holiday season, break the monotony of “plain Jane” nails. A combination of glitter, festive colors and holiday inspirations can help anyone come up with creative holiday nail polish ideas and add a festive flair to manicures.

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