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Great Beauty Stocking Stuffer Ideas

As the holidays approach, many people have begun making their Christmas shopping lists. Aside from the primary gifts that will be wrapped and placed under the tree are the smaller gifts to fill up stockings. If you have girls or women on your list this year, you may want to consider great stocking stuffer ideas with beauty and primping themes.

 Christmas Stocking Beauty


Makeup is usually small and a great choice for sticking in a stocking. Since some makeup has to be chosen by the person themselves, like concealer, opt for the types of makeup that look great on everybody:

• Nail polish in red or a neutral color
• Black mascara
• Eyeshadow in a medium shade of brown
• Bronzer in a subtle shade
• Lipstick in a light coral

Another great option is to get a makeup set. You can find a compact with several different shades of eyeshadow or lip gloss. Get her a collection of eye pencils. If she loves to give herself funky makeup makeovers, colorful mascaras are a great gift idea. Think about her style and choose makeup accordingly.

Bath Items

For the woman who loves lounge in a hot bubble bath to unwind after a long day, there are plenty of spa items to stick in her stocking:

• Bath salts
• Miniature tubes of scented bubble bath
• Candles to put around the bathtub
• Bath fizz bars in cute shapes
• Scented soap

Travel Items

Every girl likes to stock her pocket book with must-have items for when she’s on-the-go. Make her life a little bit easier with these beauty supplies in travel sizes:

• Bobby pins
• Brush with an attached mirror
• Box of Q-tips
• Sample-sized perfume bottles
• Body lotion with SPF
• Toothbrush and toothpaste

Hair Care

What girl doesn’t love to spend time making her hair look perfectly coiffed? Stuff her stocking with these haircare essentials:

• Teasing comb
• Battery-operated, travel-sized hair straightener or curler
• Refreshing dry shampoo spray
• High-quality shine serum
• Expensive shampoo or conditioner

More Ideas

Beauty stocking stuffer ideas don’t stop there. Consider these great, pint-sized beauty gifts to surprise her with on Christmas morning:

• Body glitter
• Eau du parfume towels
• Eyelash curler with extra pads
• Fake eyelashes
• Lip balm in her favorite candy flavors
• Lip scrub
• Makeup bag
• Makeup brushes of different sizes
• Mirror
• Nail designs you can stick on
• Rosewater spray
• Salt scrub for the body
• Scented hand cream
• Tweezers

If there’s a specific brand that she likes, why not fill up her stocking with a selection of products? For example, if your daughter loves Bumble and Bumble haircare products, get her several trial-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and other products. If she loves MAC makeup, fill up her stocking with the latest MAC items.

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