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MAC Custom Palette Review

The following is a reader review of the MAC Custom Palette and her picks for shades. What shades would you put in a MAC Custom Palette?

MAC Custom Palette Review

When it comes to finding eyeshadow that will survive humidity, rigorous dancing and a rainstorm, you don’t have to look any further than MAC. I have been turning to that company for six years now, beginning with my wedding day. Though MAC is famous for Gothic and punk-inspired shades and finishes, they also carry richly pigmented neutrals and more universally flattering shades.

It is wise to invest in a MAC palette that will give you the perfect smoky eye for evenings out and weddings, in shades other than the predictable silver and black combo you see at many clubs. I built a custom palette around shades of purple, a color which flatters all eye colors and skin tones.

There are a few different ways to achieve a smoky eye, but I choose to do mine with a subtle pop of color. For this, I would suggest “Stars ‘N’ Rockets,” which is reminiscent of a sheer orchid pink. I like to put this on the center of my eyelid. This hue plays equally well with purple, black, gold and brown shadows, making it surprisingly versatile.

I accent it with the light lavender “Seedy Pearl,” which I brush at the top of my brow bone and in the inner corner of my eyes to brighten and highlight. The shade is more flattering than a stark white or beige, as I prefer my smoky lids truly blended.

For the smoky part, I would recommend the scorched plum shade of “Shadowy Lady,” a rich, mysterious matte that blends seamlessly into “Stars ‘N’ Rockets.”

Finally, I prefer to finish off a dramatic eye with a small dose of true black. “Black Tied” has the shimmer needed to keep the look from falling too flat. Its finish is like a jet or onyx beaded brooch glinting in low light.

Since the colors are roughly in the same family, they make achieving a sexy evening look easy — even for those lacking extensive makeup experience.

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