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M.A.C. Fabulousness Neutral Eye Palette Review

The following is a guest review of the MAC Fabulousness Neutral Eye Palette from the MAC Holiday 2012 Collection.

The first thing that catches the eye about this great collection of neutral shades is the unique mini-handbag appearance of the attractive case that contains the eye shadow. The look is black patent leather coupled with a cool, mint green, cushion-top with four tiny upholstered buttons. There is a fixed bow over the closure of the case, giving it an overall look that would make a great gift, either to a friend or as a treat to oneself.

MAC Fabulousness Neutral Eye Palette Review

The special collection of 5 neutral shades of bliss inside can be mixed, matched and layered to create any number of eye shadow fashion looks. This collection of colors is a bit understated, but has jus the right amount of sparkle and pizazz to get someone’s attention. The is definitely the collection for the “less is more” crowd.

The Blonde Mink shade is a frosty white flash that adds more light than color. It is the perfect highlight to add on the inside corner of the eye and high underneath the eyebrow. This shade is also great to use as a muting tone to go over darker colors that need to be calmed down a bit.

Magical Mist is alive with flecks of copper dazzle suspended in a medium dark brown shade of eyeshadow. Of the five colors, this is one of the strongest and is the key element to creating the ever-famous smoky eye look. The color is warm, earthy and sensuous.

The darkest shade in the collection is Brun. Not quite black, this ultra-dark brown shade has a matte finish that is a nice contrast to the sparkly qualities of the other colors. This color lends itself to blending and looks great when the colors are softened with a touch of the aforementioned Magical Mist. Brun is a dramatic look that can be dressed up or down, depending on the surrounding color choices.

Eviable is another earthy tone, but in green, that is quite understated and smoky. Eviable looks great with any of the previously mentioned colors and highlights, or can be worn beautifully by itself. Coupled with smaller quantities of Smut, the reddish, medium dark brown shade, it can be part of a dynamic and dramatic look. Smut is recommended more for highlighting than worn alone.

At just under $40, this is a fantastic collection of shades and finishes that can give a versatile selection of looks for either day or evening.

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