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Top 7 Easy Holiday Hair Styles

Need something new for your holiday hair? Try one of the below holiday hair styles!

Hair French Twist

1. Voluminous Hair

Having voluminous hair is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays. All you need is a curling iron ( aim for one that has a 2 inch barrel ). Section your hair and curl it piece by piece until you like your curls. Tease your hair until it’s perfect, add hairspray, and your night is ready to begin!

2. Windswept Beach Hair

If you live in a beach town, you should be familiar with the sexy beach hair locals wear. Even if you don’t live in a beach community, why not use the windswept beach look to spice up your hairstyle for the holidays? Your hair will stand out at holiday parties amidst the sea of formal updo hair styles. You can achieve this look by using a few spritzes of texturizing spray and blow dry your hair upside down. To get more texture, you can also braid parts of your hair in a fishtail.

3. Wavy Hair

If you want long sexy waves, you can wrap your hair around a curling iron without allowing and not clamping your hair. First you can prep your hair by using mousse and a light styling lotion so that the wave pattern will be set and stay longer. You can avoid these extra products if your hair can easily hold curls, however you may want to use a heat protectant spray. Wavy hair is the definition of sex appeal.

4. Knotted Hair

You can also try knotting your hair for the holidays. Grab some boby pins and a brush and comb to create this easy style. You can choose to make one knot, or make several knots. While your hair is damp, section it off and slowly twist your hair until you’ve reached your scalp. Once you’ve got the knot where you’d like, use the bobby pin to pin it into place. Voila! Now you are ready to party.

5. Bun Made With Braids

Want to try a normal bun but want to do it in an unusual way? This hairstyle can take a little more time, especially if you want to do smaller braids. Take small sections of your hair and braid it close to your scalp, while collecting the bottom part of your hair in one big bun.

6. French Twist

A casual chignon or french twist is the epitome of feminine chic. French twists can be done easily with bobby pins and by sweeping your hair off to the side. Place a bobby pin in your hair vertically and continue to place them vertically in a criss cross pattern up your scalp. Gather your hair in one handful and twist it and place more bobby pins to hold it in place. Use hairspray so the style will hold.

7. Bouffant Bun

Want to try a bouffant bun? Use a round brush and use shine serum to give it additional shine. After you gather your hair in a bun, use an elastic band or bobby pins to hold it in place.

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