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Bare Minerals Eye Shadow

Below is a reader/guest review of Bare Minerals Eye Shadow, which happens to also be a personal favorite of my own! This review is of the loose shadow, but Bare Minerals also makes some excellent pressed shadows as well.

Bare Minerals Eye Shadows

When I started wearing makeup at 12 years old, I remember choosing whichever brand was the cheapest. Normally, it was eye shadow in a crazy shade of blue or purple. As I have gotten older, I have tried many different brands of makeup. My skin is extremely sensitive and I normally break out if I use a cheap brand of makeup. When using cheap eye shadow, my eyes would get swollen and bright red.

As I began going through various brands of makeup, I discovered Bare Minerals. Bare Minerals eye shadow is made of all natural materials. Because of the quality of the makeup, I have never had an allergic reaction to it. Even if I am being rather lazy and don’t wash it off, I have had no issues with it.

My favorite feature of the eye shadow is that it is completely customizable. Because it is in a loose powder, you can apply as much as you need to get the right look. I have been able to use the same eye shadow to provide a light day look and also a more sultry night look. They come in small containers, but the loose powder seems to last forever!

Because I am a busy mom, I need an easy makeup routine. Bare Minerals eye shadow allows me to quickly apply the appropriate amount of eye shadow. It takes me about 5 minutes every morning to do my makeup.

The color selection that Bare Minerals offers is also incredible. I am fairly conservative and choose colors that are light and also versatile. However, I have found some beautiful shades that can make a more bold statement.

My favorite place to purchase Bare Minerals is definitely at a Sephora Beauty Store. Sephora has trained consultants who can help you determine the best colors for your complexion and also lifestyle. They helped me pick shades that would easily go from morning to night.

As I have tried to take better care of my skin, I have decided that you get what you pay for. By investing in high quality eye shadow, I have been happier with my appearance and makeup.

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