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Benefit Boi-ing Concealer Review

Below is a reader/guest review of Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Concealer.

When it comes to bouncing back from dark circles, broken capillaries, sun spots and other blemishes, there is no concealer quite like Benefit’s Boi-ing. Packaged in Benefit’s cheeky signature containers, the makeup has an air of pinup glamour.

benefit boi-ing

My beef with a lot of other concealers is that they don’t get the formula right for those of us who are a good decade or more beyond our dewy college skin. Many brands tend to cake into fine lines, actually aging the face rather than taking the years off.
If you don’t have a clean, silky base coat to begin with, no amount of makeup will help you look younger.

Boi-ing has a lush corn silk texture and really glides over the skin like gesso on a canvas, making a nice even palette for day or evening makeup. It manages to provide light coverage without sacrificing flaw-covering opacity. This product has been a staple in my makeup bag for five years now for that reason.

The formula is also forgiving, as it doesn’t require excessive blending to look natural on your skin, which is great when you have limited time. It also works with many skin types — including pesky combination oily/dry skin such as my own.

Boi-ing will keep eye shadow and lipstick from bleeding into surrounding areas on the face, even on the most humid days. This makes it a good choice for weddings and other formal events that require more dramatic makeup that will hold up to a variety of conditions. It also photographs well.

I used to be disappointed that the concealer came in such a limited palette, but Benefit has since expanded to include more skin tone matches.

Some my find its $20 price tag too hefty, but when you consider that you need so little each time it’s well worth it.

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