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Croc Wet to Dry Flat Iron Review

If you have thick, wavy hair or perhaps your hair gets unruly when there is moisture in the air, you more than likely understand how difficult it can be to straighten it. Enter the Croc Wet to Dry Flat Iron. At any beauty, department or large retail store, you can find a wide variety of straightening irons to help you get a super sleek look. However, not all straightening irons are created the same.


I love experimenting with my hair, and I spend a lot of time trying different styles and looks. Additionally, I certainly enjoy creating a super straight look on a whim. From much trial and error, I finally found a straight iron that not only gives me the look I crave, but it also helps it stay that way.

I do love trying out new hairstyles, but sometimes I am pressed for time. I noticed the Croc “Wet-to-Dry” titanium flat iron, and figured I would give it a try. I have thick hair, and it can sometimes take longer than I would like to dry my hair.
Well, I washed my hair, and decided to give it a shot. I simply towel dried my hair, and I wanted to see how it would work on my wet hair.

I turned the Croc on, and placed it at the highest setting. I know this isn’t always recommended, but for my hair, it is necessary. I divided my hair into sections, and went over each section with the straight iron. My hair immediately began to dry and become stick straight. It seemed to take minutes to get my hair dry and sleek. As I went about my day, the style stayed, and I was extremely happy with it. Not only was it straight, but it looked much shinier too. After that experience, I was hooked. I had not found a “Wet-to-dry” titanium flat iron to compare.

If you want to try the Croc, I would suggest starting out with the mid-level heat setting. I usually like to go with the hottest setting, but not all hair types need that, it’s just my personal favorite. Also, it helps to towel dry your hair a little bit before styling your hair with the iron. Dividing your hair into sections makes the drying time happen more quickly. The Croc is definitely one of the more unique straightening irons out on the market today.

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Note: This is a reader/guest review.

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