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FRAAS Tech Gloves, Operate Your Phone In The Cold

Picture this: You are outside, waiting for the train, it is 10 degrees (or worse –2 like it was here in Chicago recently), and your phone goes “DING.” It is that text message you are waiting for, and you really hate to take your gloves off, but you really want to read it. As in really, really can’t stand not looking at it, but it is so darn cold out! Here are the gloves that can fix that problem.


The FRAAS Tech Gloves allow you to work the phone (or your frozen car GPS touch screen as I recently discovered) without removing them. They also look fashionable and feel incredibly soft, unlike other touch screen gloves I have come across.  They work quite well!

I took a photo of mine, but the stock image shows them so much better that I am just using it instead. As you can see, many colors are available.

The gloves retail for around $30 and can be found in specialty stores, or directly from the company by calling 212-575-0191. Select styles are also at fraas.com and amazon.com.

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