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Get Easy Long Lasting Curls, Herstyler Clipless Curling Iron Review

This is reader/guest review from by Khyla Rose of the Herstyler Clipless Curling Iron. Thanks Khyla for the review!!!


The Herstyler Clipless Curling Iron is an exemplary product if you’re looking for effortless, long lasting curls. Its ceramic barrel heats up to 200?C in approximately 60 seconds, reducing wait time and allowing for quick production of your favorite do. Each purchase includes a light weight, 1 inch barrel wand boasting an extra-long fixed cord and a heat protectant glove for your fragile fingers. Colorful designs offer multiple choices to fit your personality and the thin, textured grip assures a better, more comfortable hold. Since the product was first put out on the market, new options have propped up that offer more versatile use. Multi-barrel extensions, which range from half an inch to an inch in width, provide the user with more control over each curl.


At first glance, the curler may seem intimidating as its clipless design is unlike conventional curling irons. But using this product is simple and easy to learn. The curling iron works best when positioned upside down as this is the most efficient way to wind your hair around the barrel. The heat protectant glove provided with the product eases any fears of burning for beginners, but often gets in the way and limits use of your hand. The curler itself is gentle on hair and forms sleek, no frizz curls, but if the air is rather dry, the glove can often produce static frizz that can become a hassle.

The original design features a tapered barrel that allows for the construction of multiple styles to suit your mood. Even without the multi-barrel extensions, you can create all types of curls ranging from small, tight spirals to big, loose waves all dependent on how tight you wind your hair around the barrel and how long you hold your hair to the heat. The curls fashioned with this product last all day without the need for sprays and gels that harden hair and create a less fluid, unnatural look. Perfect, long lasting curls are easy to make with this curler on almost any hair type, even pin-straight, hard-to-curl hair. However, very thick, coarse hair requires longer time on heat to produce even curls which can damage hair. The curler may not work as well on this type of hair.

In all, this product is great for a majority of people looking for a simple, efficient way to create long lasting, silky curls.

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