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Makeup Wars, Beauty Resolutions

What do beauty bloggers do for new year resolutions? Find out in this edition of Makeup Wars!

I usually am pretty good with resolutions, at least for a few weeks, lol! Let’s see if I can stick with these this year.

(1) Take Better Care of My Nails

I love nail polish, and when my nails look like the photo below, I am happy. But more often than not, I have broken and damaged nails. Typing all the time doesn’t help them either. So, I need to do more to work on applying nail strengthening products and generally keeping my nails looking nicer. I am still deciding on what products to use (I would love suggestions!), but I am kind of eyeing the Strong Nail System, which includes cuticle conditioning as well. I also might wear more glitter polish. the glitter seems to help protect the nail to some extent, and it wears longer for me, although it is a bit of a pain to remove.


(2) Do Regular Glycolic Peels

I have oily acne prone skin, along with some melasma. I always see huge improvements in my skin when I do regular home peels twice each week, yet I have been bad about dong them recently. So, I plan to go back to twice per week treatments with either Kate Somerville Resurfacing Pads or the Brazilian Peel, which are my two products of choice that I have seen good results with.  When I use either of those regularly, I usually get compliments that my skin is looking good. I also am going to return to doing twice weekly or sulfur masks with DDF, which also tends to keep my acne at bay. You can read my review of that here: DDF mask review.

Kate Somerville Resurfacing Pads

(3) Try New Makeup Shades

You would think this would be easy for a beauty blogger who is always testing products, but I tend to get in a rut of wearing the same neutral shades over and over. I recently experimented with more colorful eye shadow shades and liked it as long as I avoid too much shimmer or glitter (that makes my wrinkles show up too much). I plan to do more experimenting and also try  darker or brighter lip shades than I normally wear.  I might try the Kat Von D Star Kissed Lipstick Set below for a variety of shades to try. I might also dig out some of my bright MAC lipstick shades.


(4) Finish My Home Laser Hair Removal

Way back, I tested the Tria Laser on my lower legs and saw good results after about 9 months or so, even with somewhat inconsistent use. But I didn’t use it anywhere else because I wanted to have hair for testing other products. Now I wish I had done the full legs, or at least my bikini area and underarms. So, I am going to go back now and do those areas!  I already own the Tria and love it, but if starting over, I would consider the Silk’n Flash and Go since it is cheaper and can be used on the face. For a comparison of the two products, see here: Tria v. Flash and Go.

Flash and Go

(5) Run 5 Days Per Week and Improve My Overall Condition.

I already run marathons and half marathons on 4 days per week of training, but I want to run a 4:20:00 (or maybe even 4:15:00) marathon this summer at the Missoula Marathon, and I need to increase my mileage in order to do so. So, I am going to  add another day of running and also add an extra strength training session. Hopefully that will do the trick! Plus, as I get older, the pounds tend to stay put, so I could use that extra conditioning in general.  Related to this is that I want to get my neglected running blog, Run Gadget back up and going again!

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