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Sebastian Shaper Plus Makes Baby-Fine Hair All Grown Up

For those of us with baby-fine hair, there aren’t many products to get excited about. Most styling products, especially hairspray, weigh down fine hair and make it lay flat and limp with no signs of life. I have now found the exception, and my hair is bouncing with delight.

Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray

Sebastian Shaper Plus hairspray is perfect for fine hair. The formula is very light, so there is no heaviness or weight added to my hair. It increases body without being stiff or feeling sticky. The difference in the way my hair moves and feels after using this spray is incredible.

For me, the best feature of Sebastian Shaper Plus is the volume it gives me. Even after using a volumizing mousse and then drying my hair upside-down with a round brush, my hair still has no pizzazz. After spraying Sebastian Shaper Plus, my hair literally bounces. It is fuller, it has more body, and it is easier to style.

Without the spray, my hair slips out of ponytail holders or clips. No matter what type of curling iron I use, the curls just fall out within an hour. Sebastian Shaper Plus makes my hair feel fuller, and it is able to hold in clips and maintain curls. Styling is easier because the hair strands aren’t just sliding out of the comb or clip.

There is no stickiness after spraying with Sebastian Shaper Plus. Even if the weather outside is heavy with humidity, my hair still feels soft to the touch, with none of the brittle stiffness I get with other sprays. After spraying, I can run my fingers through my hair with no snags or tangles. If I move my head from side to side, my hair swings freely without having large pieces stuck together like they are plastered.
Sebastian Shaper Plus washes out easily and does not build up in my hair or leave a sticky residue on combs, brushes and countertops.

Some products have such strong perfume or alcohol smells that they give me headaches. The scent of Sebastian Shaper Plus is light and clean-smelling. It is not overpowering and does not linger in the room after I have finished styling.
Sebastian Shaper Plus is truly a flexible-hold spray for volume and body. If you need a hairspray that has really strong hold, this is probably not for you. Sebastian offers a Re-Shaper spray that is a stronger hold but still maintains the softness and brushability of the Shaper Plus.

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