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Sephora Pro Airbrush #55 Review

This review of the Sephora Pro Airbrush #55 comes from Callie Oliver. Thanks Callie for the review!

Brushes are a necessity in every makeup lover’s collection. A quality brush can make your makeup flawless and evenly distributed. There’s a lot that goes into the creation of a brush, and you simply do not get the same quality from a poorly made brush. The Sephora Airbrush #55 is a foundation brush that delivers an airbrushed look that is pure perfection.

Sephora Pro Airbrush #55

Technical Details

The Sephora Pro Airbrush #55 is made of synthetic bristles. These are super soft and high-quality fibers that pick up the right amount of product. The domed shape is perfect for getting every last bit of skin on the face. The shape and bristles promise a streak-free finish that is expertly blended and smooth.


I like that you can use this brush with cream, powder and liquid foundations. It works best with lighter formulas, but it still works with all others as well.

This brush works differently from other foundation brushes. To start using the brush, it is best to mist it lightly with a setting spray or water before using. Squirt a drop of foundation on the back of your hand and dip the brush into the foundation. Apply starting with the areas that need the most coverage. I tend to start with the cheek area and blend inwards. Other people start with the nose and blend outwards. Do what works for your skin and needs. Remember that there’s no such thing as too much blending when it comes to foundation.

This brush works incredibly well for blending foundation in and making it look completely natural. An HD foundation works beautifully when paired with this brush for application.

Overall Opinion

The only issue with this brush is that it can be difficult to blend around the nose area. You have to press into the crevices around the nose a little more to get even coverage there. This brush is durable, easy to clean and works like a charm. The price is also reasonable for what it does and how it transforms your face.

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