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Too Faced BB Cream Review

This is a guest/reader review of Too Faced BB cream. Thanks JJW for the review!

Too Faced BB Cream

You have probably heard of the hype surrounding the skincare product known as BB cream, beauty balm or beblesh balm. Originally designed for Asian markets, the product quickly gained popularity in the Western market as well. Now many mainstream Western companies carry their own line of BB cream, including Smashbox, MAC, Dior and Bobbi Brown. The all-in-one skincare product is said to treat and perfect skin while serving as primer and full coverage foundation as well with a weightless feel. Some of these products also provide sun protection.

I have tried several brands of BB cream, starting with the original Asian brands such as Missha and Skin79. The products do provide excellent coverage as well as moisture and softness, but the main problem with these original brands geared toward the Asian market is the lack of color selection. Many of these BB creams come in no more than three shades, and they are generally designed to lighten the complexion so the shades are very pale. Some of them also advertise skin whitening properties.

BB creams aimed at the Western market were usually released with a wider and darker color selection, making it easier to match a variety of skin tones. I was surprised to discover that my favorite BB cream is the one made by Too Faced.

The texture is creamier and less balm-like than some of the Asian brands and the lightest shade is a great match for my skin. The Too Faced Beauty Balm provides broad-spectrum 20 SPF using only mineral barrier sunscreens rather than chemicals. It provides a natural luminous finish and keeps my skin protected and moisturized. I love how it goes on smoothly and stays in place all day with no primer. I do like to set this product with finishing powder.

While some of the other Western brands seemed to release products that did not live up to the hype of the original Asian BB creams, I feel that Too Faced improved on the concept. Most of the Western brands marketed their products at a significant markup compared to the original products, except for those available in drugstores, but the Too Faced Beauty Balm is also among the lower-priced versions coming from a higher-end company.

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