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LORAC Mint Edition Swatches and Review

The LORAC Mint Edition Palette offers a retro vintage look and feel. With 8 shadow shades, 4 matte and 4 shimmer, in soft feminine hues, a highlighter, and a blush, it delivers a nice package for spring.  Also included is a rose pink gloss in the shade Retro. This Mint Edition palette is an online exclusive at Sephora and there is a smaller LORAc Mint palette, with six shadow shades, the blush, and a different lip shade available here at Ulta.

This is Sephora’s photo of the LORAC Mint set:

LORAC Mint Palette Sephora

Here are my photos and swatches.

LORAC Mint Edition Palette

The matte shades are very pretty, although I felt that they were a bit chalky.

Lorac Mint Matte Shades

The shimmers are good utilitarian shades.

LORAC Mint Shimmer Shades

The highlighter and blush are quite pretty. The blush in particular is a nice coral shades that reminds me a bit of Nars Orgasm.

LORAC Mint Highlighter and Blush

Here are swatches of the matte shades from the LORAC Mint Edition Palette.  I love these shades, but unfortunately, they are a bit on the chalky side for my tastes. I really was looking forward to the light blue, but it just came out too chalky for me. I might try doing a look layering it with a shimmer and see how it fares with that.

LORAC Mint Edition Matte Swatches

The shimmer shades in the LORAC Mint palette fared better for me. Here are swatches:

LORAC MINT Pallete Swatches

Below are swatches of the blush and highlighter.

LORAC Mint Palette Swatch

The gloss also disappointed me. The color and wear are great, but the applicator brush is small, hard, and sharp (seriously hard and sharp!).  I won’t use it simply because it is a bit uncomfortable to apply. Here is a look at the brush on the LORAC Retro gloss. That tiny little tip is all there is for an applicator.

LORAC retro gloss brush

Here is a swatch of the LORAC retro gloss.

LORAC Retro Gloss swatch

Overall, I love the look of the LORAC Mint Edition set, but the matte shades left me a bit disappointed, as did the frankly terrible brush on the gloss.  If I was buying again, I would probably go for the smaller Ulta set over the Sephora one. Or, if you want some real quality LORAC items, go for the LORAC Pro and LORAC Unzipped palettes, which are some of the best shadow sets out there that you can buy.

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