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Sneek Peeq Mystery Box

Sneek Peeq is offering mystery boxes, with a new one coming out February 1-10.

The boxes sell for $29 with mainly beauty and style products. Each box has at least 5 items, with a promised minimum retail value of $60,and some will get lucky and receive a premium box worth up to $500. I received a box around the holidays to take a look at.

The box is nicely packaged.

Sneek peeq box

Inside were 5 items:

  • A Glam Mat for resting hot styling tool, $22.49
  • LaRocca shimmering body lotion, value $35
  • Uno Magnetic Necklace, value 19.99
  • A mystery leather necklace with no information provided,value unknown (must be $82.52)
  • Chella Lash Conditioning Treatment.  Value $90

I also got a card stating that I had received a premium box worth $250. I had a hard time viewing these items as worth that much, so I looked them up, the ones that could at least. The total was $167.48 , meaning my mystery item is worth $82.52. Read on for why I think that is rather off!

Sneek peeq mystery box items

The Uno necklace is kind of interesting. It is a metal chain and a magnetic ball. Depending on how you wrap it around the magnet, you can get different looks. The one in the box was not a particularly attractive color, or really attractive in any way, but the company does make them in multiple shades and it is an interesting product.

Uno Magnetic

The mystery leather necklace stumped me. First off, there was absolutely no information about it. Then, I couldn’t get the bar to fit through the ring to close it. Maybe it isn’t even a necklace at all and is something else? Does anyone have any idea what this is? I can’t imagine it being worth $82.52!

A True Mystery

A product I liked was the LaRocca Shimmer Creme. This is a lovely body cream with a pretty shimmer to it. I will use this!


The styling mat is also a useful item that I will use.

Glam Mat

Finally, there was the Chella Lash Treatment. I don’t use lash treatments, so I can’t really speak for its $90 value. It might make some people happy though and I will probably use it as a giveaway item.

Overall, for $29 the box is OK. I have seen much better though among the various boxes out there. Also, I don’t really buy the claim that the premium box is worth what they listed. The inclusion of a mystery item that doesn’t appear to function properly was also a bit troubling. With that said though, I have seen a few other reviews of sneak peeq boxes that had items that I would have liked much better. So maybe I just got a bit unlucky with this one.

If you want to see the February offerings, you can go to  SneekPeeq.com. One word of warning though, they make you sign up through Facebook, which also troubled me a bit.

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