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Trish McEvoy Powder Brush #5 product review

A popular go to beauty brush is the handcrafted Trish McEvoy Powder Brush #5. The bristles are soft and crafted with 100% natural hair causing the brush to never feel rough on the skin. This brush is worth the investment and will blend your makeup evenly and flawlessly. This brush makes putting on loose powder and bronzer mistake proof.

Trish McEvoy Powder Brush

This brush is large dual purposed brush and can be used with both pressed powders like a blush/bronzer or loose powder. When using this brush in loose powder always make sure to lightly tap off any excess powder and apply the powder in a circular motion on your face. This brush is engineered with a flatter head so it will distribute the powder more heavily, this is why tapping the excess is essential. This is a larger brush so it is perfect for distributing loose powder all over the face. Since this brush is denser it can also be used for a mineral foundation.

With a pressed powder such as a blush, lightly tap the brush in the blush and make sure color is evenly distributed around the brush bristles. To apply blush with the Trish McEvoy brush smile so that the apples of your cheeks show and lightly sweep the brush over your apples in a circular motion. This will cause an evenly flushed look that will look flawless.

With proper care and washing this brush can last for years. I suggest not using a normal shampoo to clean this brush, but using a gentle face wash like Clinique’s Daily Face Wash or baby shampoo. Regular shampoo is too harsh and will shorten the lifespan of the brush and cause shedding. Since this brush is of a higher quality, it is essential to clean this brush regularly to maintain the softness and quality of the brush.

The Trish McEvoy Powder Brush #5 can be purchased at any high-end department store including Nordstrom.

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