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Makeup Wars: At Home Pampering

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What do the Makeup Wars bloggers do to pamper themselves at home? This week you can find out!

My Top  Pampering Tips

(1) Use Epsom Salts, A Lot of Them! As a distance runner, my pampering routines almost always involve soothing sore and tired legs, and trying to improve the appearance of my feet. Something I found over time that works great for tired muscles is adding Epsom Salt  to a hot bath. A lot of runners swear by it for reducing inflammation. The key though it to add A LOT, as in at least four bags or quart cartons. Fortunately it is fairly cheap, especially if you buy it in bulk at Sam’s or Costco.

(2) Pumice Stones Are Awesome. I like a regular pumice stone for working on calluses on my feet over just about everything else. They are affordable and work well without tearing up your skin.

(3) For Tough Calluses, Grab a Ped Egg. Sometimes the pumice stone doesn’t do the trick. then, I grab my Ped Egg. The Ped Egg can shave off calluses very quickly, yet safely, and it catches the dead skin so there is no mess.  I love mine, which was originally sent to me as a press sample for review.

(4) Awesome Hair Conditioning. Another way I like to pamper myself is with deep conditioning hair treatments. I like to take Ojon and put it in my hair for a full day. Simply add it to dry hair, and then pull your hair up under an old hat for the day. Yes, it is greasy, and it does have a strong fragrance, but after a day of it in your hair, you will be left with silky smooth tresses. You can also do this with Coconut Oil, or even Olive Oil for a cheaper version. In addition, I recently tried it with DermOrganic Hair Masque (another press sample) applied to damp hair and that worked very well.

(5) Weekly Peels. I do weekly glycolic peels with either Brazilian Peel or Kate Somerville Clinic to Go. These help keep my skin looking brighter and I enjoy the tingling feel that I get from them.

Want to see more home pampering tips? Click on through the sites below!

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