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Kat Von D True Romance Eye Palette Ludwig Tutorial

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Here is a Kat Von D tutorial on achieving a soft “saint” look using the Kat Von D True Romance Ludwig Eye Palette. I love the Kat Von D eye shadow palettes. They have very nice choices in shades and the makeup quality is quite good. I also find them to be a pretty good value as far as palettes go.  This video also features a different use of Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer, where she uses it as a regular makeup concealer under her eyes.

Here is a transcript of the video:

As a woman you should have the right to look however you want whenever you want. The Saint look, as far as makeup goes, definitely brings out the softer side.

I think the Tattoo Concealer definitely helps out with the saint look. Once we developed this formula which I’m in love with, I realized that it wasn’t just for tattoos. I think the best form of application for this tattoo concealer would have to be the Tattoo Concealer Brush  to cover up dark circles or blemishes.

For the Saint look, I’m definitely going to be using the Ludwig palette. It’s the first palette that I ever put together and it’s still my number one favorite. I like to start using the color Leather, it’s the darkest brown color of the palette. I’m just blending a little on the outer edges of the eye, and it works as a good beginning point.

The next step, I would want to use the color Baroque.  This is actually my favorite color in the entire line for me. This will also create a lot of depth using it in the crease of the eyelid.

Once we’re done with that I’ll jump into the highlight and using Tequila I think is a great choice, especially with this palette. One of my favorite tricks is to go back in and use the color Clay to blend all of it together.

I think for the saint look, using the Tattoo Liner would be the best way to do it, and I’m going to use the color Trooper. Using High Frequency Mascara in Lucifer I think makes a really good match.

A good new lipstick to use would be either Love Craft or Ritual. I think the perfect way to finish the saint look is the Lightening Liplgoss Hustler. I think it makes a perfect sparkly combination.

The beauty really is derived from just the naturalness of the look.

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