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Makeup Wars, The Best Facial Masks

This week the Makeup Wars group looks at the best facial masks. It is also an opportunity to see us in a different state (wearing masks instead of makeup)!

Yep, here I am just out of the shower, with wet hair and facial mask! I don’t plan to pin this photo, LOL!

facial mask

I have three favorite masks, one of which is ultra affordable. Here they are:

(1)  DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask , can substitute with Vibrant Skin Sulfur Clay Mask.

This is my go to mask for adult acne treatment. It is a quality clay mask for cleaning out pores and it contains 10% sulfur to kill acne causing bacteria. As long as I use this once per week, I tend to be able to keep a lot of my adult acne issues at bay. It also is great as a spot treatment. Put it on a blemish overnight and it will help dry it up and kill the bacteria from it. It is the mask that I am wearing in the photo.

Here is the sad thing though. When writing this, I discovered that DDF discontinued this item, despite it getting glowing reviews on most websites! However, Vibrant Skin Sulfur Clay Mask looks like a nearly identical product and I will be ordering it to try when my current tub of DDF runs out.

(2) Astara Green Papaya Mask

I hardly ever see anyone review Astara, which is too bad since it is a quality line of skin care products. Astara also makes particularly good masks, including my favorite mask for anti-aging and exfoliation, the Green Papaya Mask. This clay mask uses papaya enzymes to really work your skin and exfoliate.  When you put this mask on you can feel it going to work. The results are also fabulous.  It is kind of like getting a mini peel. I do one of  these masks every couple of weeks or so.

(3) Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask

This is a super affordable quality clay mask for time when you just want a nice standard mask to help clean out the pores, absorb oil, and smooth your skin. You can find a good sized tube of it at any drugstore, usually for under $5. It has long been my fall back mask for when I don’t need the sulfur in the acne mask and don’t want the enzyme action from the Astara mask.  If you like just plain old clay masks, there is no need to bother with high end brands, you can get the same results with Mint Julep for cheap!

Want to know the rest of the favorites? Click on through below to see what the other bloggers list as their favorite facial masks!

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