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Makeup Wars: Unique New Spring Trends

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There are some really unique and fun spring trends this year and this week the Makeup Wars bloggers are featuring their favorites.

One of the more interesting trends to gain traction this season has been the retro Rockstar Barbie look, especially with women over age 40. The trend started when designer Allan Sherwood used the look to showcase his new 80’s inspired line during New York Fashion Week.   From there, actresses Sandra Sisso and Ana Suarez jumped on the bandwagon, wearing the makeup look from the line to the Academy Awards.  Given that women over 40 love these actresses and also remember the original looks well, it is no surprise that variations of it are being worn again by that age group.

Below is Sandra Sisso’s Oscar’s look.

Sandra Barbie Makeup Look

Ana Suarez recently wore the look yet again when she posed for a particular  magazine. I can’t show you the full picture on this one, so you can guess the magazine!

Ana Suarez Barbie

In case you don’t remember her, here is the original Rockstar Barbie. Given the rich culture, talented musicians, and inspiring fashion of the 80’s, I am not at all surprised to see these influences coming back as the latest trend.

Rockstar Barbie

To create an 80’s Rockstar Barbie look, all you need to do is grab pastels. A lot of pastels. MAC  is usually pretty good for this (I think these were all press samples given to me for review).

MAC cosmetics

I did a look up using various MAC items. Here it is. If you are going to do this look, don’t forget to add a fluffy scarf. It is a key element of the look. Also, although it is quite bright,  women are wearing this as a daytime look, even wearing it to the office.

Barbie Makeup

Another key to the look is to not blend your eye shadow and really play up the blush and lips (I am wearing MAC Matte Candy Yum Yum with a bit of sparkly lavender gloss over it) . Focus instead on strips of color. MAC paint pots work quite well for this.

80s Rockstar Barbie Look

Previously only younger women would go for looks like this, perhaps for parties or clubs. But now it is all the rage for women in the 40-60 age range. If you are a teen, show this to your mother. She will know all about it! If she doesn’t, she will want to try it!

So, have you tried this look yet? If not, what are you waiting for! You can also see some great new trends for spring at the links below.

Update: April Fools!

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