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Natural Makeup Look Tutorial

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Here is a natural makeup look video tutorial from Sephora showcasing how you can easily achieve a no makeup look. By simply focusing on a few features in a neutral, but attractive way, you can present a beautiful carefree look. A transcript of the video follows (a more accurate one, the one on You Tube was clearly done by a bot and had some craziness in it!).


Video Makeup Artist: I really think that women want to feel really naturally beautiful and they really want that beauty so shine from within. A lot of women just want to either accent a couple features.

Maybe it’s their eyes or maybe its their cheeks, and maybe they really like having a really beautiful or natural lips, and the whole key is you know using all of these products combined to really make it look like you’re not wearing any makeup and just bring out that inner beauty.

What I want to start with first is using a little bit of concealer under your eyes and this is going to really brighten things up a bit. By using a blending brush to blend out your concealer it really just gives you a really blended appearance and I see a great difference already.

And so the next part of your skin that I really want to focus on is  I want your skin to look like skin.  I don’t want you to feel like you’re wearing a lot of makeup, so we’re going to start on the perimeter of your face on the outer portion here, because we don’t want a lot of makeup towards the center. This is going to really balance out your skin tone so that you look very radiant and luminous all over.

A lot of time when we think of the no makeup look  e don’t really think about doing eye shadow. But I want to show you one eye shadow that you can use. It’s a very neutral shadow and I want you to use it from lid all the way into your crease, don’t go all the way up to your brow. Use a pressing motion with the brush, just pack it on your eyelid here.  It doesn’t look really obvious that you’re wearing an eye shadow, but it just really finishes your whole natural look.

So i want to move on to really making your lashes and just the upper part of your eye look really full and really make your eyes stand out some some more. So we’re just going to do a little bit of eyeliner onto your lash line, and I want you to just keep it really close to your lashes. We want it to look very natural so we don’t want it to be very defined. And by taking a smudging brush and just going over the eyeliner back and forth gently, it really makes it look extremely natural.

Part of the new makeup look is to really focus on your eyes so let’s use a mascara, and we’re going to use a water resistant mascara, and it’s conditioning. I really want to be with the coat every lash so we’re just going to kind of wiggle it back and forth. I’m sure, you know, you’ve tried doing that before. And with this look you don’t want to to too, too much mascara.

There’s so many different choices of lip glosses that you could do. and your lips are already kind of naturally pink, So I kind of  want to soften it just a little bit, taking your golden undertone into consideration, we’re going to use a light beige lip gloss because we really want your eyes to be the focus so that it really looks extremely natural.  And for the no makeup work a lip liner is not necessary.

All right so now you’re ready with your  complete look to go out and have lunch with your girlfriends and they’re going to be so jealous because they’re going to think you don’t even need any makeup.

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