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5 Places to Shop for Makeup in Chicago

There are many exciting places in Chicago to purchase makeup. Where to go depends on how much a gal wants to invest and what brand she’s looking for. Just shopping in Chicago is an exhilarating experience, but when shopping for makeup is added, it’s spectacular! Here are some great places to shop for makeup when in Chicago.

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Make Up First

Make Up First is a makeup school owned by Jill Glaser and located on LaSalle Street. Here someone can get her makeup done, learn techniques and purchase professional makeup kits. It will be a vendor at the annual makeup show which is scheduled for June. If a gal’s serious, Make Up First is her one-stop shop for makeup.

Neiman Marcus

If a gal would like to add to her Chicago experience in addition to shopping for makeup, she can visit Neiman Marcus which is located on Michigan Avenue. This is the place to go if she’s looking for top brands such as Lancôme, LaPrarie, Armani, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent or Bobbi Brown. She can buy after getting pampered by a professional makeup expert.


Lush is located on Armitage Avenue and in the Michigan Avenue Macy’s. Lush is a revolutionary idea in makeup, skin care and body care. Lush is handmade and offers vegan items. Although Lush doesn’t offer an extensive line of makeup, if a handmade, mineral oil-free, vegan and globally-aware product line is appealing, then Lush is the brand to go to.


If a gal would like to go with all of the brands that she knows and is comfortable with, than she should visit the Ulta location on North Avenue. This is a great location to pick up items from Urban Decay and other brands.


Sephora offers the same brands as Ulta along with its own line. Sephora offers such brands as BareMinerals, Urban Decay, Shiseido, Nars and Dior.

All of these Chicago locations provide trusted brands along with technical advice. Whether she’s visiting Chicago or already lives there, the makeup maven will find exactly what she wants!

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