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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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Makeup brushes makes applying your makeup so much easier. However, they need to be cleaned on a regular basis so they will last. Makeup bristles that are clogged up with makeup are not as effective as clean brushes and dirt  it breaks down the fibers. If you keep your brushes clean, they will last for a long time.


Use Clean Running Water

Run your makeup brushes through clean running water until the water runs clear. Use your fingers to gently separate the bristles gently while keeping it under water or use a soft rag or towel to work stains out of the brush . Depending on the type of makeup brush, this may take a minute or two. Don’t use hot water because you run the risk of damaging your makeup brushes.

No Soap Necessary

There is no need to use soap or a makeup cleanser on your brushes. Plain, cool water is fine to use for many brushes, or use baby shampoo for tough jobs. If you use soap on your delicate makeup brushes, they could dry out faster, especially if you don’t get all the soap out of the bristles. You could try a gentle cleanser that is made especially for makeup brushes. The choice is up to you, but plain water also does a great job.

If you decide that you want a specific cleanser, I recently tested the Mary Kay brush cleaner, which does a good job at quick cleansing and dries fast. I like if for quick clean ups between major washings.

Dry Them Properly

The last step is to shake them out and blot your brushes with a soft cloth or paper towel. Lay them to dry on an even surface, and make sure the bristles don’t touch the surface. Standing them upright in a makeup brush holder with the bristles up should do the trick. Clean your brushes in the evening so they will be dry by morning when it is time to apply your makeup.

Replace When Worn

It is easy to get used to using the same makeup brush day after day. However, these brushes do wear out with daily use. Replace your makeup brushes when the bristles are no longer soft and supple. Stiff makeup brushes can affect your makeup application. Buy the best makeup brushes you can afford and clean them regularly to make them last longer. Cheaper makeup brushes lose their bristles much faster than better quality brushes.

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