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Makeup Wars: Our Favorite Sunscreens

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Summer is just around the corner, making sunscreen more important than ever! I have different favorites based on different uses. Here they are.

(1) For Daily Use: For daily use, I like to layer Estee Lauder Day Wear moisturizer, SPF 50, under a foundation that also has SPF. Since I often wear powder foundation, this gives me several layers of protection that often use different sunscreen ingredients. Plus Daywear is a nice light and fresh smelling daily moisturizer that works for most skin types.

Estee Lauder Daywear

(2) For Touch Ups Over Makeup: Many sunscreens break down quickly in sunlight, so they need to be reapplied fairly often. Doing that over makeup can be tricky, and that is where powder sunscreen comes in handy. Colorscience Sunforgettable comes in a tube with a built in brush for easy application over makeup. This is also a physical blocking sunscreen, so it won’t break down in sunlight the way chemical sunscreens do. I almost always have a tube of this in my purse in the summer. I originally got this as a press sample and have repurchased it multiple times.

(3) For Running: I am a distance runner and so I need a powerful sweatproof sunscreen when I am running. My favorite for this is Mission Sunscreen, which is designed with athletes in mind. It stays put and doesn’t seem to cause breakouts for me, which some of the other waterproof/sweatproof sunscreens do. This is another item I first got as a press sample and then repurchased.

mission sunscreen

(4) For My Lips: Don’t forget your lips! They need sunscreen too! Just as I do for running, I also often lean to Mission for this. Mission Lip Balm is a great sport lip balm that wears long and has SPF 15 protection.

mission lip balm

Click through the photos below to see more favorite sunscreens from the Makeup Wars beauty bloggers!

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