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Me Smooth Hair Removal Device

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I am a big fan of laser hair removal, but a problem with it for many is that it is limited to people with light skin tones. The Me Smooth Hair Removal Device fixes that problem. It is good for all skin colors! I took a look at the reviews and information about the system and decided that it appears to be quite a good buy.

Me Smooth Hair Removal Device

How it works: The Me Smooth works using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequencies (RF) to heat and deaden the hair follicles. Me Smooth calls this combination Elos technology. The device includes a shaver head to first prep the area, followed by use of the light. Unlike traditional lasers, which target pigment and make their use unsafe of dark skin, the technology in the ME Smooth will work for anyone.

Safety and Effectiveness: The device is FDA cleared and proven safe and effective. Reports place effectiveness as high, while using the device ahs no discomfort whatsoever. The device has three settings for customized use.

Me Smooth Reviews: Consumer reviews of the product have been very good, with most consumers reporting that the Me Smooth works quickly, is easy to use, and has no pain at all. Some report that that the highest setting does have a stronger heating sensation, that is not painful, but is a bit uncomfortable. Note that all lasers and IPL type device take time and multiple treatments to work. You will need to use the device regularly for at least several months to see full results. I came across a few negative reviews where it appeared that the consumer did not try the product for a sufficient amount of time. Read the consumer reviews at Sephora here.

Me Smooth Hair Remvoal

Cost: The Me Smooth system runs at around $395, which makes it more expensive than the popular laser systems (see our Silk’n v Tria comparison for more info), but it also appears to work quicker than the laser systems, covers a wider area at a time, and is effective for the widest range of people. The device uses replacement cartridges that run $50. Reports are that individual cartridges last for quite a long time.  (Note, the lasers usually eventually need replacement lights as well). Regardless of the system or product chosen, a home hair removal system will always be much, much cheaper than going for professional treatments.

Bottom Line: I got my Tria ages ago and loved it, but I would have strongly considered the Me Smooth had it been available when I was in the market for a hair removal device. Based on the consumer reviews and information provided from the manufacturer, it looks like a great product.

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