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Makeup Wars, Summer Manicure and DIY Nail Glitter

 photo summermani.jpg

Summer manicures are something that I look forward to every year. For this Makeup Wars, I did two different ones. The first incorporates CND Vinylux in Tropix shown below. I have  been getting a week of wear from Vinylux every time that I wear it and I absolutely love it! You can see my previous full review of it here.  Tropix is also one of my favorite shades.


cnd vinyllux tropix swatch


After enjoying plain Tropix for a few days (this picture is actually take on day 3 or 4 of the manicure-you can see the tiniest of chips on my middle finger), I decided to whip up a DIY glitter bomb to put on top. So I went and got some glamour base (I buy mine from tkb trading) and some glitter (mostly from Glitter Unique) and added some bling on top. I was OK with my creation, but in hindsight I think instead of black dots I should have used something more contrasting and fun like yellow and blue or lime green.




Later in the week, I tried out a new nail polish from the Kardashians that I got at Meijer called Khroma. I thought the shades were pretty, but honestly, it didn’t apply all that great and was quite streaky. I’ll write a full review soon. For now, here is  sneak peek of the shade Perfection Perfection.

Khroma Nail Polish swatch

Then I decided to add some Revlon glitter over it. That didn’t impress me either. There really wasn’t enough glitter in the formula. But it still added a bit of fun sparkle.

Revlon glitter nail polish

So, there are few summer manicures that I played with this week. For more, click through the logos below!



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