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Skinvel LED Facial Mask Review

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The Skinvel LED Facial Mask is one of the more unique products I have tried (note, this was a press sample sent to me by the company). It also is a great concept and I’m a bit surprised that there are not more products like this!

Skinvel LED Facial Mask

LED light treatment is one of the newer and more popular anti-aging treatments. You can learn more about it in general in our past article here: Should You Try Home LED Therapy?  Red light in particular is good for treating fine lines and wrinkles, as well as treating melasma and discoloration. I have melasma, so I have added red led light to my arsenal of treatment options. I tend to find that LED light makes my skin look brighter overall, but for melasma, I still need to use other products in conjunction with it.  I consider it part of an overall treatment plan.

So, with that introduction, here is why I love the Skinvel mask. It treats your whole face at once! I love LED light devices, but I really lack patience when it comes to using them. Normally, they cover a small area at a time and so it takes quite awhile to treat a large area. The mask concept solves that problem.

Below is a photo. It looks rather odd, but it certainly is effective for full face treatment!

Skinvel LED Mask

The mask is easy to use. Simply strap it on, turn it on, and sit and let it go to work. Safety goggles are included since you should avoid shining the light in your eyes. The light seems to be of a sufficient intensity both for good treatment and the mask reflects it around well enough to cover the entire face. My only complaint about it is that the mask had a strong plastic/chemical smell when first used. I did find, however, that the smell dissipated after a few uses and it really didn’t bother me all that much to begin with.

At $199, the mask is quite comparable in price to other LED devices. For those looking for a time saver for LED therapy, it can be a great choice.

Buy the Skinvel LED Mask

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