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Top Ten Items In My Shower

Best Shower Poroducts

What do beauty bloggers keep in their showers? Find out in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday roundup!

Top Ten Tuesday

My shower contains the following items, all pictured above. You can find most of them at Ulta, Sephora, and Drugstore.com, with the exception of Satsuma, which is a Body Shop product.

(1) Dermorganic Shampoo: Dermorganic has become my favorite hair care line. I first tried them as press samples and have since repurchased them. The shampoo is sulfate free (and free of a lot of other stuff of questionable use) and does a good job of cleansing an conditioning.

(2) Dermorganic Conditioner: A good everyday conditioner that has a nice ingredient list.

(3) Dermorganic Masque: LOVE this mask. It goes on like a thicker conditioner and you could use it daily for ultra dry hair. It leave hair soft and tangle free.

(4) Dial Soap, Clean and Fresh: Just a good old antibacterial soap. this one smells better than the regular Dial.

(5) Venus Razor: My current razor, although I have used others. I just use soap for shaving more often than not, which is why I do not have a shave cream on this list.  After doing laser hair removal on part of my legs, I don’t need anything too special.

(6) Kate Somerville Exfolikate: I adore Exfolikate. This light scrub includes enzymes for a deeper exfoliation that is also fairly gentle. Although I leave it on my face a bit for a stronger mini peel type of effect.  I like to use it in the shower a few times per week while I condition my hair and shave.

(7) Pumice Peel: Another facial scrub that I love. When I want to skip the enzymes in Exfolikate, I switch to pumice peel. This is also great on my chest when I get some blackheads there.

(8) Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel: I love this orange scented shower gel.

(9) Neutrogena Body Clear: A good all around body scrub to fight blackheads and blemishes. It also is affordable and comes in a  good size container.

(10) Pumice Stone: As a marathon runner, I have terrible feet. So I keep a pumice stone around to work on calluses from time to time.

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