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Revia Labs Light Skin Peel Mask

After taking part in a Makeup Wars on Masks, and seeing my fellow beauty bloggers recommending the Reviva Labs Non-Chemical Light Skin Peel right and left, I knew I had to try it! One of the bloggers reps Reviva and arranged for me to give it a whirl.  Although this has “peel” in the name, this is not a true peel. There are no harsh chemicals and the effect is that of a light to medium exfoliation.

Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel


So, the short and sweet of it is that I love this mask! It has the consistency of a light gel with pits of exfoliant in it. It feels rather unique. When you rub it on, you get a bit of exfoliation from the texture. Then let it sit and let the natural products do a bit of work. Three to five minutes later, rub it off with your fingers or a dry towel. It peels off and give a bit more exfoliating action.

Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel Mask

When I used it, the mask left my skin feeling smooth and fresh. If you like exfoliating masks and want a natural, non-irritating product, this is a good one!

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