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Sally Hansen I Heart My Nail Art With Fuzzy Coat Polish

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Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Nail Art Tutorial #shop

My mission for this post was to go on a shopping trip to Walgreens, pick out some new Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat nail polish and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, and do some fun textured nail art for I Heart My Nail Art. Fuzzy Coat has multi-color glitter slices for a textured effect, while Xtreme Wear is a good basic nail polish that usually is stocked at a good price. Before I left, I took a look online at the items offered in the Fuzzy Coat collection.  Then I looked to Pinterest for inspiration since, given that I am a Pinterest addict, I will grab any chance I get to be inspired there! I ran a few searches for nail art and soon found that I was particularly attracted to blue and black nail polish combinations.

pinterest blue nails #shop

So, off I went, hoping to find Walgreens fully stocked up on Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat. Sure enough, they had a full shelf full!

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Walgreens #shop


I picked out the black and white shade, Tweedy, and the light blue and white shade, Wool Knot, along with cream Xtreme Wear shades in Breezy Blue and Black Out. A very helpful Walgreens beauty department employee dug out some coupons for me and got me an additional dollar off of each bottle. Bonus! I also go myself all signed up for Walgreens Balance Reward,s and got a coupon for money off my next visit. So, I got a pretty good deal all around. Then I went home and went to work.


Sally Hansen Nail Polish #shop

After shaping my nails, cleaning them, and applying a base coat, step one of the process was to paint my nails with Xtreme Wear. I decided to do an accent nail, so four of my nails were cream light blue and one black. The light blue shade is particularly pretty. It does take multiple coats to become opaque, so be prepared for that if you try this with a light colored polish. Here is a look at things before I started applying Fuzzy Coat.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Breezy Blue Swatch

Step two was to add Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat to just the tips of my nails, with Tweedy on the blue nails and Wool Knot on the black. Fuzzy Coat goes on quite well for this. I found that I could get sufficient coverage of it with just one application. The key to getting a heavy textured effect is to pat it on. Brushing it on thins out the spaces between the shreds, but patting it puts it on thick. The photo below is my accent nail with just one coat of Fuzzy Coat. I did put a bit more on for the finished look, but I also liked it with this amount. If you want a smooth top, put on a clear top coat. I left mine as is to accent the textured effect.

Sally Hansen Nail Art Tutorial #shop

It would have been easy enough to stop right there, with just the accent nail wearing texture. I rather liked that look! But I decided to do the other tips as well. Here is the finished look showing the bottle of Tweedy and the nails.

And here it is from a different angle, holding Wool Knot.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Wool Knot Nail Art #shop

Want to see more Sally Hansen nail art? Click the photo below! Oh, and the week of September 18, you can get Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure and Fuzzy Coat for $5.29 or two for $10. Also that week, Xtreme polishes are only $1.99.

I Heart My Nail Art #shop

Be sure to also follow Sally Hansen on twitter!  Have you tried Fuzzy Coat yet?

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