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7 Ways to Get Luxe For Less

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We all love luxury goods, but sometimes affording them becomes a problem! Here are seven ways that I get quality items for less!

Get Luxe for Less

(1) Thrift Shopping: There are many gems that can be found in second-hand stores. You just need a bit of patience to sort through the junk in order to find the gems. I find that a good trick for maximizing your chances is to pick stores in upscale areas, especially if the store is an independent consignment or thrift store instead of a chain. That way, you can pretty much assure that the items there came from the neighboring area.  If it is upscale, there will be more designer and luxury items to choose from. Note that chains often spread their items around, hence why independent stores are often better.

(2) Ebay: Ebay is a great way to find luxury items for less, especially with items that are easily outgrown such as clothing. I have unusually small feet (size 4.5-5) and have had great luck finding new designer shoes on Ebay because many brands wholesale out their overstocks of odd sizes on there. However, do be particularly cautious with some items, such as handbags, to be sure that you are getting the real deal.

(3) Buy Off Season: If you wail until August to buy summer clothing, you will find most summer items on sale as the stores make room for fall fashion. Likewise, shop for fall and winter clothing around February when spring and summer items are arriving. These are the best times to stick with classic items so that you are not getting things at the end of a trend. Shop for off-season items at designer discount stores and save even more!

(4) Shop Outlet Malls: Luxury outlet malls are popping up all over the place. In my area I have two to choose from with many high-end, designer brand stores. In many cases, you can get items 50% off or more. This is one of my favorite ways to get designer handbags.

(5) Buy Quality Non-Designer Items: Sometimes you can find quality products that lack the designer name, but still have the designer look and feel. For example, look for bags with metal zippers and feet for a luxurious look and feel for less.

(6) Buy Designer Specials at Big Box Stores: Major big box stores often run special collections from designers that have that person’s look and feel, yet are affordably priced. This can be a good way to get a designer look for much less money.

(7) Form a Swap Club: Get together a group of luxury loving friends and hold swap parties. Everyone brings items that they are tired of or that no longer fit, and everyone works deals to trade items. This can be a fun way to get some new luxury items without spending any money.


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