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5 Solutions For Fast Eczema Relief


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Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a rather itchy skin condition that sometimes comes with dry, red patches, cracked skin, weeping, bleeding and crusty skin. Eczema can sometimes be a challenge to manage, but here are 10 really good solutions for relieving the itchness and pain that comes with eczema.


  1. Wear 100% cotton clothing- some fabric types, such as polyester, wool, and other synthetic materials can irritate the skin. Wearing clothing that contains 100% cotton helps the skin to breathe, and causes little to no irritation.
  2. Opt for lukewarm water when bathing- Taking a bath or shower with hot water is a no no. The hot water pulls natural oils from the skin and makes the skin severely dry. Keep the water as lukewarm as possible.
  3. Keep the air moist in the winter- winter is double harsh on eczema sufferers because the air outside is cold and dry, and you walk into your home and that air is warm and dry. Keep a humidifier handy to keep the air in your home saturated with a little moisture. This will help combat dry cracking skin.
  4. Change bedsheets weekly- most people fail to realize that eczema can also be allergy induced. A bed full of dead skin cells and dust is a breeding ground for mites, and that will make your skin condition worse. Wash your sheets in a dye and scent free laundry detergent weekly to get rid of dirt, dust and oils.
  5. Find a gentle skin cream- Looking for a good skin cream can be a challenge, but Eucerin is a drugstore favorite. Find skin creams that are recommended by National Eczema Association. You are looking for something to not only hydrate the skin, but protect it.

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