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5 Tips To Play Sleeping Beauty The Right Way


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Sleep, it’s something that all beauty enthusiasts need. Sleep repairs the body and rejuvenates the skin. Sometimes, we have a hard time falling asleep and staying sleep. So here’s 6 quick tips to become a real sleeping beauty!


  1. Don’t dine after 9- we’ve all heard it before. Food can be our friend, but near bedtime, it ends up being our enemy. It’s best to not eat anything after 9 pm but if you must eat, avoid highly acidic foods and alcohol. Avoid sweets and spicy food. All these foods can cause the body to wake prematurely from the heartburn or the high glucose levels.
  2. Create a schedule and stick to it- create a consistent time to wake up, and to fall asleep. This gives the body a patter, making bedtime easier and easier the more you repeat the cycle everyday.
  3. Create a nighttime ritual to go with that schedule- Here are a few options to pair with your bedtime schedule- maybe a cut of hot tea 1 hour before bed, or a warm bath or shower 15 minutes before bed.
  4. Your bed only has one good use- well ok maybe two, but we want to talk about the most important one- sleep. Your bed is not for watching tv and eating high calorie snacks. Those kind of activities will make the body think this is not a place for sleep, but to stay up. Make your bedroom and your bed a place of relaxation.
  5. Kill stimulants after work- coffee, black tea, and energy drinks are not a good idea after about 5pm. The same goes for most alcoholic beverages. This will make you stay up longer than you intend to, depriving you of your beauty sleep


Hopefully these five tips will help you get some beauty rest.

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