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Emma is back with this great post on her winter hair essentials! Be sure to follow Emma on twitter at @emmajactress!

It was a summer of Ombré hair and as a result I was left with dry hair that needed extra attention. To begin I cut off the dead ends, 2inches, which immediately made a huge difference.  I have also stepped up my hair care and as a result rock healthy hair again. Following my Summer Hair Essentials I am now happy to share my ‘Winter Hair Essentials’.

I firmly believe beauty starts on the inside and I have consistently proved that to myself. I am now using Sibu beauty Sea Buckthorn Oil cellular support omega 7 vitamins and drinking SIbu beauty sea buckthorn liquid supplement for skin, hair & nails. I notice the difference! So if you want lustrous shiny hair, I absolutely recommend starting with Sibu Beauty.

Winter Hair Essentials

I like to switch up my shampoo and conditioner depending on the season/climate. I am currently using the (divine smelling) Hugo Naturals shampoo in vanilla and sweet orange.

For brilliant shine I use the Sunflower and Citrus conditioner by Andalou Naturals.  I like to slather on the conditioner, wrap my hair in a towel and step into the steam room (one of the perks of being a member at Equinox gym). Earth Science Olive and Avocado deep conditioning hair mask is one of my favorites that I continue to use. Their Olive and Avocado deep conditioning shampoo is also great.

Hair Look

I try to avoid using styling products when outside of work and instead use Green tea and calendula Leave-In conditioning mist by John Masters Organics. Another fabulous product by this outstanding line is Shine On leave-in hair treatment.

Don’t forget to drink enough H2O, our hair needs water as much as our skin for optimum results. And remember to have fun with your hair!
All products are available at Wholefoods.

Equinox gyms are throughout America (and now in London)

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