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The Nail Files: Sally Hansen Triple Shine Lacquer


It’s the moment we have all been waiting for. A nail lacquer that applies like a lacquer, but has shine like a gel. Sally Hansen premiered Sally Hansen Triple Shine, a new 29 shade range line composed of 11 glitters and 18 shades of a combination of different finishes.  On a whim I picked up a bottle, check out my thoughts.


blow bubbles

I snagged Blow Bubbles which is the cutest bubble gum pink shade ever.

The bottles are super cute with a removable cap making them very reminiscent of a Chanel nail polish.  The brush looks just like the Sally Hansen Insta-dry polishes. They were always great because they made for even and precise application.

The texture was perfect, very creamy and easy to apply. Blow Bubbles was a one coater, but I chose to use two just so it would have a nice and fully opaque consistency.  It of course does not dry like the Insta-dry line, it takes a little bit of time, which is why I chose to do two thin coats rather than one opaque coat and it take even longer to dry.

After about 5 days I noticed a bit of wear at the tip, no peeling or cracking but the shine? It lasted throughout the entire 5 days. Through washing dishes, multiple showers and super dry climate, my nails never lost their shine. This is a must have and for the price? How could you not!

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Lacquer retails for $5. They are popping up everywhere, drugstores and mass merchant retailers all over the country. The color range is going to be perfect during the spring and summer months so go on and grab a few bottles before it sells out!


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