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Philosophy Purity Made Simple Oil Cleanser Review



Imagine my surprise when I walked into Ulta and discovered that Philosophy makes an oil cleanser. Philosophy Purity Made Simple is an oil cleanser that promises to deep cleanse with a blend of natural oils to melt away all traces of makeup, dirt, oil and impurities.

I’m not new to the oil cleansing circuit, I tried and loved DHC oil cleanser for years. I’ve even tried a few Indie Brands. My reasoning for picking up Philosophy’s oil cleanser was simple- it’s Philosophy! They makes some of the best skin and body care products on the market, so there’s no way this oil cleanser could fail.

The packing for the bottle is simplistic and nice. The bottle is 5.8 ounces in a simple clear bottle. The cap is a flip top exposing a small hole to release product. The hole does not release too much or too little. It dispenses the perfect amount of oil.

The oil itself is really great for a first step in removing makeup and dirt after a long day of existing. It’s also great for a deep facial massage to stimulate circulation. If you want to get the most out of this oil, pair it with a Clarisonic or any other facial cleaning brush for an even deeper clean.

Purity Made Simple left my face soft, clean and supple. This mineral oil free blend of oils will ensure that you put your best face forward. Purity Made Simple retails for $25. Pick it up at Ulta, Sephora, or philosophy.com.


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