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Five Common Items That Are Ruining Your Skin

Have you ever sat back and looked at your skin and wondered where you went wrong? The first thing that comes to your mind is probably your skin care routine. Next, you point the finger at your makeup. But there’s one… well… five things you probably never considered. And here they are.

makeup brushes

1. Makeup brushes- brushes hold so much dirt, and oil and bacteria it’s insane. It’s recommended that you dispose of your brushes every six months. If you are not going to trash your brushes, it’s important that they are clean at all times. Find a cleanser that is gentle and thorough like baby shampoo. Use a makeup cleaner spray in between uses.
2. Sponges- they hold so much dirt and bacteria, then we sit them out to try and they collect even more germs, dirt, dust, and other chemicals like hair spray, spray deoderant, and air freshners. Throw away that sponge after about 4 uses. Clean and store it in a cool dry place in between.
3. Towels- Sure recycling towels is eco friendly, but it could also be the reason for that acne on your body. When you dry off leftover dirt and oils are absorbed in the towel. When you reuse it, you are simply rubbing last shower’s dirt into your skin. Wash your towels at least once a week!
4. Bedding- Bedding, much like towels holds dirt, oil, and bacteria. Wash your linens at least twice a week.
5. Your phone- nevermind that we’ve been told holding a phone to our face causes cancer. One thing is for sure, a dirty phone can cause nasty breakouts. Try a protective slip, use a hands free device, or use cell phone wipes to keep your phone clean and germ free.

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