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Makeup Wars: Lip Rescues

Makeup Wars

This week, Makeup Wars looks at our favorite lip rescues and treatments.  I’m a lip product addict, mainly of balms. I have lip balm on my bed, lip balm in my pocket, lip balm in my purse, lip balm on the counter, and lip balm on the side table. That last location is bad since sometimes my dog steals it from there! Anyway, I am an addict! I didn’t try to list all of my lip balms here. That would just get crazy. So instead, here are 5 favorite lip items of mine across a few different categories.

lip products

1) Chapstick with Sunscreen: I wear a sport formulated Chapstick when I run. It is waxier, so it stays on longer, and I need the sunscreen for protection.

(2) Laura Geller Lip Strip: This is my favorite lip scrub. It is a lightly exfoliating gel.

(3) Eos lip balm: I have these all over the place. They are all natural (a good thing when the dog eats one) and taste really good! I also have balms from For Goodness Grape all over the place.

(4) Fresh Sugar Rose: This is my favorite tinted balm and is a cult classic favorite.

(5) NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: I love this long wearing cream tint for color. It isn’t super drying like some long wear products are and it looks fabulous. Plus it is super affordable!

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