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Nail Art Must Haves

nail art must haves

Nails are the new accessory this year and there’s nothing more fun than doing a little nail art! Check out some of the must have tools to bling out your nails and make your ultimate accessory your best!

1. Nail polishes- of course this is going to be the start of any fun nail look. You should have at least 5 lacquers- a black, one nude shade, a neon, a pastel color and one metallic. This will give you a good selection of backgrounds to create looks every season
2. Clean up brush- when you work with polish, especially when polishing your left hand, you may run into a mess or two! Find a flat angled brush (ELF has one for $1.99) to use exclusively to clean up your nails.
3. Nail art pens- Nail art pens are what you need to doodle on your nails. Get a good variety of colors to make all kinds of cool designs.
4. Nail stripers- this is like a nail art pen, but the brush is made specifically to draw stripes on the nails. This will come in handy if you are not great at making straight lines.
5. Glitter- of course you need glitter! It works great for an accent nail, or to create a super glittery french mani!

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