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Make Your Makeup Stay, Come Rain or Shine!

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We all know that finding the right make up for your skin type can be very hard, and it’s a dream come true if you’ve accomplished that. But having make up that’s really long lasting is just the cherry on top. As summer turns to fall, the weather where I am gets wetter and less predictable. So I do everything I can to make sure make up stays on even hours after applying it.

how to make makeup stay

Everybody wants makeup that is smudge and smear resistant, in all kinds of weather. Here are some tips to keep your makeup weather proof:

Use Water Proof Cosmetics

Water proof mascaras and eyeliners can be real life savers when if you’re out and about and the forecast is a rainy day. They also combat sweat and prevent runny eyes. My absolute favorite are products from Make Up For Ever. Their aqua line of products come in fabulous colors and they don’t budge in rain. Heck, you can eve swim in most of them! They are great for hot days as well when you worry about sweat ruining your look.

Apply Make Up Primer

Rub a makeup primer on your face before applying any foundation. This will help smooth the skin and keep your makeup in place. There are tons of good primers out there. I often use Make Up For Ever, but the link I gave has many other options as well.


Switch Foundations For Powders

Go for mineral powders that are tolerant to weather changes, instead of cream or liquid foundations. They will prevent the natural oil of your face from coming through in hot weather as well. Powders tend to hold up well to sweat. They also can be used as an extra layer. Apply foundation and then use some mineral powder on top. Bare Minerals Mineral Veil is particularly good for that.


Use a Bronzer

Adding a bit of bronzer to the high points of your face adds warmth and color. This way, you can do away with other cosmetics and keep your makeup minimal. The less you wear, the less you have to worry about keeping it in place! This is Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear, which is amazing. Good SPF and super affordable!   Look for it at drugstores.




Use A Sun Screen In Place Of A Make Up Primer

A neat little trick is to use a sun screen that is designed especially for the face as an alternative to a makeup primer. Not only will it protect you from harsh sunshine, it will allow your make up to better settle into your skin and keep it in place should it rain. Make sure you choose a sun screen with a high SPF, and that you wait at least 15 minutes before applying makeup to ensure that it has been absorbed into your skin. Tinted sunscreens with added moisturizers work well too! My favorite is Healthy Wear tinted moisturizer. It has awesome coverage and high SPF at a great price!


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