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Ways to Save on Time and Healthcare Costs for Runners at Healthcare Clinic Chicago

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Are you a runner or do you take part in sports or have an active lifestyle? If so, then like me, you probably have experienced sports related injuries that were time consuming and/or expensive to treat. I am a marathon runner and I take part in a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking and geocaching. I also seem to do a pretty good job at getting odd injuries at odd hours or on weekends. The Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Chicago is perfect for dealing with that. Below is a photo of the Chicago Marathon. I’m in that crowd somewhere! I bet there were plenty of people with aches and pains afterward too who could have used a visit to a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic!

 Chicago Marathon #shop

Walgreens Healthcare Clinics are open 7 days per week with evening hours available. They are staffed by healthcare professionals to address your concerns and they accept most insurance. They can address all sorts of minor sports injuries, such as strains and sprains, and they can do minor cut and wound closure with adhesive. Here is a look at just some of the services offered:

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Chicago #shop


So, when you sprain your ankle running in or exploring the local forest preserves, you can head to a clinic to get it checked out even if it is an evening or weekend.

geocaching #shop

For example, I wish I had known about the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic when I accidentally rammed my shin into a barricade at the bike path last year. I managed to get my leg all bloody before my run even started and I really could have used to have it looked at afterward. The Healthcare Clinic would have been perfect for that. It was a Sunday morning, and they would have been open and been able to dress the wound. They would also be perfect for getting a brace or wrap and treatment advice for things like sprained ankles or other foot and ankle problems that tend to plague runners.

Naperville Marathon #shop

Come to think of it, I banged myself up a few times training for the Naperville Marathon as well, and there is a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic right by my house! The above photo is me at mile 26 of that marathon. They put a big hill at the end. How evil is that?

Chicago Marathon Mile 26 #shop

I finished the Chicago Marathon, despite various bumps and bruises. That is me in the light blue hat. Again at mile 26 and again with a  hill. I’m not sure why marathons like to torture us that way! I sure could have used the Healthcare Clinic a few times during training. Now that I know about them, I foresee some future visits. As much as I try to stay injury free, things happen. So I’m glad to know that there is a clinic near me.

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