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Eye Makeup Tips for Women Who Wear Glasses

Makeup Tips For Glasses

Most women with glasses have a why-both attitudes when it comes to eye makeup. Unfortunately, these women don’t know that with the right makeup tips, tricks, and techniques, even glasses-covered-eyes can have quite a stunning impact on people that you meet at work or outside. So stop worrying about wearing those irritating lenses only because you have a date and wear your glasses with pride.

Here are a few tips that will help you make up those beautiful eyes regardless of your glasses.

Curl Those Lashes

One of the most underestimated makeup tips is curling your lashes. Eight out of ten women skip this step even if they aren’t wearing glasses because they think that it’s not important. However, curling your eyelashes gives your eyes a wider and brighter look, accentuating their beauty. For the perfect and most noticeable curl, squeeze the curler close to the root of lashes and hold it for a few seconds.


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Trace the Liner

Tracing brown or dark gray colored eyeliner along your upper lash line and waterline will accentuate your eyes even when you are wearing glasses. If you have smaller eyes, fashion experts suggest that you only line the outer third of your waterline as this will make your eyes look bigger. In case you’re still wondering why you should use brown or dark gray eye liner, it is because the hue suits every eye color and is not as prominent as a black liner.

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Lengthen Your Lashes

As in the case of curling your lashes, volumizing mascara needs to be your best friend from the time you wake up to leave for the office until you return home. The best way to achieve the full blown effect is to apply two coats of mascara to your lashes and wiggle back and forth to spread the product thoroughly.

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For the final touch, you can also apply a little amount of concealer under your eyes as this will help you hide your dark eye circles. Put your glasses on after you have done your light, eyeshadow-free makeup and you’ll be amazed at the change.

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