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Sell Your Phone to Finance Fashion!

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OK, so it is pretty obvious that I have some serious beauty and fashion addictions. Otherwise I wouldn’t have this blog! One of my biggest weaknesses is handbags. Good handbags. As in expensive designer handbags. My husband complains about this by the way, so he isn’t going to buy them for me (I wish!). I’m also not made of money, so sometimes I have to get creative to finance my purchases, and you can do this too. One way I came up with to do this is to sell your phone on eBay.

Let’s say for example that I want a purple Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag. That is a seriously cute bag! I could sell a Samsung Galaxy S3 (purple even) and then buy that bag. Here is just how easy that is:

sell your phone

OK, so maybe that doesn’t quite explain it all. So here are more details on how you can sell your phone and make money to buy your bag. Below are some prices that you can get for a good condition phone

eBay Cost Comparison IG

To sell your phone and get your bag, just head over to this handy dandy eBay guide for selling your phone, and go from there. It is really super easy. Then, when you get your cash, go shopping!

Oh, and now that you sold your phone, you have an excuse to buy an newer and better one right? So you get both a new phone and a  cool new bag, and all is good with the world. See how that works?

Hey! I also just remembered that my husband has a few old phones lying around here. I know what to do with them. Now let’s hope he doesn’t read this! I don’t think he need to know about my diabolical plan…

Have you ever sold a phone to finance fashion (or anything you have been coveting for that matter)?

Disclosure: This is a paid sponsored post from eBay. However, all opinions are my own.

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