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Block that Color- 5 Easy Ways of Wearing Bold Colors

Women love to express themselves with a little touch of colors. The bright neons, pretty pastels, bold strokes, and primary and secondary hues are just some of the colors you’ll find in a woman’s wardrobe. The difficult question, however, is how to make them work together. The answer is luckily simple: by using color blocking!

The trend is easy to incorporate into your existing color palette. However, the most important thing to wear with your outfit is your confidence. Your skills of matching those colors will be an added advantage. The result of both of these would be a chic and trendy outfit straight from the ramp.

Color block fashion

If you’re planning to give this technique a whirl, here are five ways to set you on the right path.

1)   Buy a Color Blocked Outfit off the Rack

You can buy a color blocked outfit that goes with your personal style and skin tone. Viola! You’ll look like a fashion genius without putting in any extra effort.

2)   Pair a Neon or Bright Color with a Neutral Shade

You can pair neon or bright colored pants or skirts with a neutral colored shirt and nude footwear. You can also pair your soft toned outfit with some chunky, lively jewelry or clutch or you can even wrap a scarf around your neck. Another idea is to add neon to your monochromatic outfit by wearing the neon colored footwear.

color block trends


3)   Tone Loud Colors or Patterns Down with Black

Most women need to take baby steps before flaunting such bold colors. If you belong to that category, you can tone down any bright colored button-down or top with black trousers or skirts. Black gives a formal look to any hue you are teaming it up with, allowing you to wear loud colors even to work. The same works well for toning down a busy print.


bowler hat fashion trend

4)   Come Up with a Color Scheme

When choosing colors for your bold statement, remember to choose from opposite and parallel shades of the color palette. A combination of opposite colors will be jarring to the eye yet refreshing while parallel colors combination will be harmonious and pleasing to the eye. You can add pastel color blocks with solid winter hues for an added touch of liveliness.

Bright colored fashion

5)   Focus on a Flattering and Appropriate Ensemble

When it comes to color blocking, make flattering choices that go with your personality. It is good to experiment, however, if you can’t find an outfit that perfectly blocks colors. Just go for some color blocking accessories and you’ll be fine.

So, the next time you open your wardrobe and think that you do not have that perfect weekend look, think again. This trend is here to stay and to help you create that perfect look you seek!

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