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Defrizzing My Hair With Marco Pelusi Leave-in Conditioner

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So, my Keratin treatment has been wearing out and that means my hair has frizz! Ack! Fortunately, I also was sent a while back some products from Marco Pelusi to try, and one of them was a fabulous Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard.  I have color treated hair and I have frizz, so it certainly was the product for me! Below is a stock image because in my excitement about something to kill some frizz, I forgot to take a photo of my bottle until I used half of it!

Marco Pelusi Leave In Conditioner

I seriously love this leave-in conditioner. It is light and easy to apply. It also doesn’t take a ton to smooth things out. I have a lot of hair and apply a bit over a quarter sized amount. If I had a more normal amount of hair, I would only apply maybe a nickle size. From there, it is as simple as combing it through and styling. I found that it did a pretty decent job of taming the frizzies and leaving my hair smooth and soft. I was able to blow my hair flat and smooth quite easily using it. It has elements in to also fight static electricity, which seems to gravitate to my hair. I had no serious fly aways when using it.

Here is a sort of goofy photo of me using it. I took this trying to get a selfie of a makeup look and failing at really showing the eye shadow, but hey! I shows the hair pretty well! If I didn’t use the leave-in, my bangs would have been all crazy curly and my hair would have been sticking out all over the place! My hair is seriously scary without some sort of product use right now!

Marco Pelusi Conditioner

At $35.25 for a bottle, it is on the higher end of the price range, but not really more than other products I buy. I give it a solid A rating!

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