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Top Ten Pedicure Items for Runners

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is top pedicure items. I’m adding a twist to mine because I have a couple of rather unique foot staples that I bet others won’t list. You see, I am a distance runner. I recently completed my 10th marathon and this past weekend I ran my first ultra marathon trail race, doing 50k (31.1 miles) in a bit over 6 hours (OK more like a bit under 7 hours). Doing these things honestly wreck my feet. I’ll spare you photos of my feet (bare feet anyway), but will tell you about things I do to prevent and treat blisters and cover ugly toenails!

Best Foot Products for Runners

My foot focus is pretty much on dealing with existing issues and covering up ugliness.  Here are my top items.

top pedicure items

(1) Aquaphor: This is my first line of defense against blisters on shorter runs. I lather it on my feet right before I head out the door. It also is great as a super affordable foot and callus softener. Put it on liberally at night, slip on some socks and sleep with it on!  You can also use Vaseline instead.

(2) Lac Hydrin: This is a moisturizing lotion with lactic acid in it. It is also a great callus softener and I do the overnight sock trick with it as well.

(3) Ped Egg: I can’t rave enough about the Ped Egg. This little thing will quickly shave off calluses and catch the dead skin all without any irritation.

(4) KT Tape: This is a flexible sport tape that happens to work well for blister prevention on long runs. I use it to tape problem areas before very long runs or races in which I won’t have time to change my socks part way through. It also comes in a lot of fun colors.

(5) Argon Oil: Argon oil is great for general softening and for treating the cuticle area.

(6) Small pedicure scissors: I use these to cut off dead dry skin after blisters completely heal. Yucky right? Yes, but it works! It is best to soften the skin first in a bath.

(7) BandAids, the cuter the better: I like to wear super cute BandAids over my blisters. I have some Hello Kitty ones that are my absolute favorites.

(8) A Nail Buffer: This helps smooth out ridges in my nails, which tend to get very beat up.

(9)  Black Nail Polish: Runners, especially marathon and ultra runners, commonly get black toenails. Black nail polish is a great way to cover them up and make everything look uniform.

(10) CND Vinylux: This long wear polish works great for runners because it doesn’t chip off easily, even when banged around by your shoes. It would be a great pedicure polish for anyone.

Honorable Mentions: These are not so much pedicure items as they are foot comfort aids.

runner blister foot aids


Toekinis: These stretchy things saved me when I blistered the bottom of my feet. They are padded stretchy things that protected the area while I healed. They are meant for comfort under open toe shoes and I have since also used them for that. I seriously love them.

Injinji Toe Socks: These are toe socks for runners. When I completely trashed my feet after a marathon, I rocked this lovely look of toe socks and flip flops for a few days. I really had no choice if I wanted to walk. I don’t really recommend this unless you are desperate for comfort and don’t care that you look like a complete dork!

Now, go visit the links below to see more top pedicure items. They are probably more normal ones too!

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