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The Nightbra Anti-Wrinkle Bra

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The Nightbra is a rather interesting new product aimed specifically at preventing wrinkling in the neck and upper pectoral area – something a lot of women my age are concerned with. Its appearance is like that of a cupless bra, but it is designed to be worn at night, hence the name. It also can help eliminate back pain caused by poor posture.

the nightbra review

The nightbra was designed by  Dr. Elisa Fernández, who has 30 years’ experience in Gynecology and Pathological Anatomy in Tenerife, Spain. While the Nightbra looks like a T-back sports bra, it is worn with the T shape in the front, which fits between the breasts. The solid back provides back support, while the front provides support in a way that prevents wrinkling of the skin while you sleep. Basically, it keeps your breasts from pressing together as you sleep, which is the primary cause of wrinkles in the chest area.  Stop that, and you can effectively stop the wrinkles. An excellent explanation is available on the nightbra US website.  The fabric does not fold or have seams that would cause wrinkling.

night bra front

The product is comfortable. Mine came with instructions to try it initially during the evening while watching TV and then transition to night use. The material is quite elastic, and the company warns that it can initially feel tight and leave a few pressure marks, which are normal. I did not notice any marks myself and I felt that the product was appropriately supportive without being overly tight. I liked the upper back support aspect of it, especially when I tested it shortly after traveling on a rather long train trip that had left me with tightness in that area. For me that was a really nice benefit of the product. So it isn’t just for preventing wrinkles! The Nightbra website also notes that the product may be helpful for women after a breast augmentation or reduction.

nightbra antiwrinkle bra

Overall, it is a unique product that addresses a common issue for many women. It is definitely something worthy of adding to your anti-aging arsenal, and if you have additional issues with back pain, you may find it offers relief for that as well.

The Nightbra comes in a variety of looks and sizes. You can get it at the Nightbra website.

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