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Dermalogica Power Bright Treatment Set

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I have had issues with melasma and general hyper-pigmentation for a long time. So I am always on the lookout for new products to try that might help address it. The Dermalogica Power Bright Treatment Set was my latest test.

Dermatologica Power Bright

Dermalogica sent me this set of three products to try. They consist of a day lotion with SPF 50, a night lotion, and a brightening serum that focuses on Vitamin C, although it also has some other brightening agents in it.

On the whole, I liked the set, with the serum being my favorite. Here are my thoughts on each item.

Dermalogica Pure Light Day Lotion: This light lotion packs a high SPF, which is quite important if you have melasma or any sort of sun damage. It absorbs quickly and I liked the overall feel of it. The one thing that initially took me aback with it was its scent. It smells like thyme. I’m used to my lotions smelling more fruity and than herby. But once I got used to it, I decided that I rather liked it.

Dermalogica Pure Night Night Lotion: This is a thicker lotion for use at night. Since I have oily skin, I started skipping this pretty quickly and reverted back to one of the lighter lotions that I prefer to use at night. Those with moderately dry skin would probably like this one though.

Dermalogica C-12 Pure Bright Serum: The serum was my favorite. I like Vitamin C products for brightening and I felt that this one packed enough in it to have an effect (some fail at that). I used the serum morning and evening for about four weeks and am still using it. I will definitely use this up!

Overall, I saw a bit of brightening from the system as a whole. It really takes many, many weeks to see a response from any product on melasma or serious pigmentation, but general brightening can usually be seen quicker. I did notice some and I think that, over time, this product will continue to help clear my melasma patches as well, especially with sue of the serum.


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