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3 Fashion Rules You Should Break This Year

For years, trends have dominated the fashion world and forced women to comply. However, 2014 is all about new changes and embracing a more unique approach. In short, it’s time that you rebel against the rules of fashion. To do so without looking weird or losing your sense of style, here are three rules to break without being whisked away by the fashion police.

Rule to Break #1) Matching Everything from Head to Toe

Everyone who prides themselves on being fashionable will tell you that you need to match everything you wear, be it is a high heeled shoe or the purse that you lug around. However, if you follow the lives of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and others closely, you’ll notice that they never carry the same colored bags. Instead, they complement their dresses with neutral or light colored purses.


Contrasting Fashion 

Rule to Break #2) Same Prints and Patterns

Even though you shouldn’t be wearing stripes, polka dots, plaids and paisleys all in the same go, and you need to be tactful while dressing in patterns, you can be brave and mix things up. Lay out your choices and make a subtle combination of the prints and patterns that you have. Doing these won’t only help you in appearing chic, but will also give you a lot of choice when picking out the dress. However, when choosing patterns, make sure that they complement your body type and personality.

Mixing fashion patterns

Rule to Break #3) Not Mixing Contrasting Colors

Many will tell you that clashing colors is an absolute ‘no’ in the fashion industry. However, if you are smart enough, you can make the clash work wonders for you. Don’t just wear colors that are complete opposites of each other, but look for colors that are on the same end of the spectrum. Choosing varying colors that gel well with one another will grab the attention of every onlooker, in a positive way of course.

Fashion Contrasting Colors

So be a fashion rebel and break fashion rules to create your own unique style. Look for great sales on trendy designer items like these and more at Shopbop.


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